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Booty Caller Unknown
Crystal Taylor has a brand new cellphone and is secretly putting in a number for a potential booty call when her cute stepdaughter, Paige Owens, distracts her. Crystal is so flustered by how complicated organizing her new contacts is that when Paige offers to put in her own number, Crystal lets her. Unfortunately, little do they know, Paige accidentally puts her number under Crystal’s booty call’s contact info!Later that day, once she’s alone, Crystal sends a flirty text to her booty call… When Paige receives this unknown text, she’s surprised but feeling bold, so sends a flirty text back. As the days go on, the texts between them become more and more steamy. In fact, Paige even sends sexy topless pictures but because her face isn’t in them, Crystal never suspects that she’s looking at her own stepdaughter!Then one day, Crystal finally sends her address to Paige to get together… and the gig is up. Mortified, they confront each other but after the initial shock wears off, they have to admit that there’s undeniable chemistry between them. They’ve come THIS far already, so why not go all the way??

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Feb 21st, 2021

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