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You’re All I Need
Silvia Saige and her bubbly stepdaughter, Kylie Rocket, are back home after a shopping trip. Kylie LOVES the new dress Silvia got for herself and encourages Silvia to date again, although Silvia seems a bit resistant to the idea. It’s this resistance that confuses Kylie because she knows Silvia is so hot and amazing that she can land anyone she wants!

But that’s just the problem: Silvia only wants KYLIE.

Kylie is shocked at first at the revelation, but she’s quickto recover and admit that she’s interested in Silvia, too. She knew they’dalways been close but she thought that was just them being friends. Now that she knows what she’s been feeling is actually romantic, everything suddenly makes much more sense.

But how will they both feel when it comes time to be sexual? There’s only one wayto find out!

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Sep 7th, 2021

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