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A Sperm Bank Nurse House Call
When Nurse Chloe Cherry comes knocking at your door, you know it’s for one thing…and one thing only: your load. You see, Nurse Chloe’s making a house call. She’s a nurse at the local sperm bank, and you two have been flirting a lot since you started making donations. Isn’t it nice to lend your sperm to a couple in need? But today, Nurse Chloe wants your load all to herself, even though she’ll come under the guise of a house call. Maybe a hose call, is more like it!! Cause when Nurse Chloe gives out all three holes — her eager, wet mouth; her pink cunt; and her tight, tight stink hole — you know it’s going to cause an explosive cum blast! The kind that flies way over the specimen glass and lands all over her pretty blonde face!

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Mar 23rd, 2021

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