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Ready To Be A Whore Again
Lexi Lore needs some dick. Really, she does. You see, she’s just endured a tough break up, and just like you, when the dust settles from such an event, it’s time to get back into the “mix” of things…so to speak. What’s this mean for Lexi? Well, since she’s out of the relationship, Lexi’s on a plane bound for Porn Valley! And guess what bro? ALL THREE of Lexi’s tight, tight holes are open for biz! Her Head Game? World Class. Her freshly-shaved cunt? Tight as a mouse’s ear! Lexi’s butthole? Better than your favorite, all-you-can-eat buffet! Speaking of buffet, when this one’s all said and done, Lexi swallows Mr. POV’s thick load!

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Channel - MrPov
Aug 30th, 2020

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