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Kitten Cleans His Cock
We have the gorgeous Kitten Latenight coming in to take care of our boy Tyler's messy house. We love it when Kitten passes by because we know it's going to be a good time. We start her off easy in the kitchen to scrub before we startgetting curious and ask if she can take her top off for us. She was into it so we give her some money and she takes off her bra. I can watch her scrub the counters without her shirt all day… But wait a minute, we have some extra cash! Let's have Kittentake off her leggings and show us how she cleans without her pants. Let me tell you: she does it very sexy-like. We take her to the bathroom to clean and the way she bends over it makes it hard for us to not reach over for a grab. We finish in the bedroomand our boy Tyler just couldn't handle it any longer, he had to whip his dick out and watch Kitten clean. Doesn't take too long for her to catch him but she admits that she enjoys watching. She's way too horny to stay on the sideline so she starts sucking hisdick like it's the only thing she needs in this world. Watch Kitten's ass bounce as she gets fucked up and down by Tyler and watch until the end as Kitten swallows Tyler's whole load inside of her mouth. Spoiler alert: it was a lot!

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Channel - BangBros
Feb 18th, 2021

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