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My New Years Resolution Is My Stepsisters Pussy – S23 E2
Lulu Chu has invited Maya Woulfe to celebrate the new year with herself and her stepbrother, Codey Steele. The trio are enjoying themselves putting up decorations, when Codey decides to stir up some shit. He begins talking to Maya about the resolution board Lulu has been making. Lulu is embarrassed, but Maya wants to know more. She runs to Lulu’s room and retrieves the board, then starts reading the resolutions out loud with Codey chiming in. One of Lulu’s resolutions is that she wants to suck her BFF’s tits, which Maya is all for helping Lulu achieve. Popping her firm titties out from her dress, Maya offers them to Lulu, who overcomes her embarrassment to lean in and start lapping.Once Lulu begins playing with her friend’s body, she can’t stop! She hikes up Maya’s miniskirt to feel her friend’s trimmed muff up as she keeps on licking. Watching his stepsis make out with her friend and seeing on Lulu’s board that she wants to fuck her stepbrother gives Codey an idea. He quickly makes a hole behind the brother note and asks Lulu to pull the sticky note off to reveal his hardon. When Lulu sees it, she tries to hesitate but Maya and Codey insist that she take this chance to live her resolution. Lulu finally gives in and sucks the tip, but that just makes Maya hot for a taste of her own. Soon enough, both girls are sharing Codey’s fuck stick. They lead him to the couch where they can kneel on either side of him and really go to town sucking him off.Maya leads the way when it comes time to go more hardcore by climbing on top of Codey and sinking down on his fuck stick as Lulu keeps on licking them titties. Lulu replaces Maya, riding her steprbo in cowgirl. Maya gets another turn on the D with Codey banging her in doggy as she feasts on Lulu’s greedy little cooch. When Lulu scoots forward on her back so Codey can do her, Maya climbs onto her friend’s face and slides low so Lulu can lick and suckle at her meaty snatch. As soon as Codey is certain he has satisfied both lovely ladies, he shoves deep and gluts Lulu with a creampie that she wasn’t expecting, but that fills her with New Years cheer anyway.

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Jan 6th, 2022

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