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An Unexpected Gift
Christmas is always best with family. So when my wife Armani Black & stepdaughter Camila Cortez curled up on the couch with me to watch a holiday movie, I (Filthy Rich) couldn’t have been happier. Until Camila started flashing her pussy & tits at me – her stepmother was right there! It’s not the 1st time we’ve messed around, but this was just too risky! After all… I did’t want to ruin Christmas with my wife finding out. So as hard as it was with her teasing me like this… I had to tell her no and sent her to bed. Once I was snuggled up in bed with my wife, I started dozing off dreaming about my naughty step-daughter lol. She must of known I was thinking about her cause she started texting me to come out and play! Against my better judgment I got out of bed… There she was in the cutest little Santa’s helper outfit…

I couldn’t help myself and let her slurp and suck on her stepdaddy’s fat cock, before getting a taste of my stepdaughter’s wet pussy. When her stepmother walked in and caught us, I thought for sure this is it. But when my wife ordered me to eat Camila’s pussy & fuck her stepdaugther, well, I wasn’t so worried anymore. It didn’t take long for Armani to get horny and naked, she wanted some of my big dick too. I fucked both my wife & stepdaughter, they helped each other while I stretched their pussies & made their big tits bounce & sway. I pounded my wife & she insisted I cum all over her stepdaughter, so yeah, that’s exactly what I did! Happy Holidays!

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Jan 6th, 2022

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