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Girasol aka Sunflower is a very cute 20 yo. Latina with a gorgeous smile, cute boobs and a nice full butt. She tends to like girls way more than guys but has sort of a thing for older guys. She needed money really bad, so she agreed to do a porn audition if it was kept on the down low so her girlfriend wouldn’t find out. She was very camera shy about doing photos, but got more comfortable just talking on video. After a fun interview where we find out about her sexual experiences, she shows her blowjob skills on old Matt. For someone who prefers girls this girl can sure suck cock! We also find out very quickly she likes to be pounded doggystyle! After lots of fucking which ended with small cumshot on her butt and a 2nd cumshot on her soft tummy, Girasol was still horny. For real, after the shoot, she wanted the cameras OFF and wanted to fuck some more. How could an old guy like me say no to that?

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Jun 21st, 2021

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