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Kinky Stepdaughter Blackmails A Grey-haired Man
When a person finishes a work of his life, he feels very proud of it, he wants to read it again and again and he desires the whole world to appreciate his work. So, the mature man put a final stop to a huge work that took him several years to end. He picks up one page after another, enjoys the style, and even caresses the sheets of paper. He leaves the room for a couple of moments without protecting his precious work but, of course, he doesn’t suspect Monroe Fox sneaks into the room to do something naughty like ruining his efforts. Sure, he gets really pissed, grabs the sheets, and runs out of the room just to find out that Monroe Fox stole a part of his job. He tells her to give it back but she demands something pleasant in return.

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Feb 13th, 2021

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