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Amirah Adara And Angel Emily Toying Their Butthole Outdoors
These two are always looking for something that will get them excited. Despite the pandemic, these two lesbian fuck buddies found a way to rent a boat. Amirah Adara and Angel Emily, two certified hotties at Only3x team up once again and this time doing their naughty thing outdoors. As usual, the resident brunette looking gorgeous and sexy wearing her sheer white dress. The camera did a great job highlighting her sexiness as well as her long legs and her fine booty. But we couldn’t get enough of her pink pussy peeking in the upskirt position. Amirah did a great job as always with her teasing skills making us wanting more of her.
Good thing, it is Angel Emily’s turn. This curly-haired blonde love flaunting both of her holes as well. She let the camera closes in into her pierced pussy and her butthole. After seeing her lovely butt she reveals her hairy cunt, perfect for licking. She got some piercings not only on her pussy but as well as on her small tits. This woman can’t wait as she gets into Amirah Adara’s back and starts making love by kissing passionately.

We couldn’t get enough of these two pretty babes kissing in the boat. It is not surprising to see the brunette Amirah taking the initiative. She starts the action by touching Angel’s small tits and starts stimulating her hard nipples. It doesn’t take long before this brunette proceeds on licking her pussy. Amirah Adara spent a lot of time pleasuring Angel Emily’s pussy. You can see this blonde’s cunt is all juicy and wet as Amirah enjoys seeing her fuck buddy’s orgasm face.

After a few camera angles of Amirah Adara’s licking madness, it is Angel Emily’s turn. This time, Amirah bends over her sexy naked body in a doggystyle position. Afterward, Angel starts licking her in that position. It is an epic one and with Amirah’s sexy body it is a sight to see. Hearing both of their moans in the middle of nowhere is such music to our ears. No onlookers, neighbors, just the two of them helping each other get their orgasms.

After Amirah Adara’s few orgasms, they want to level up the action. This time, Angel Emily reveals a blue dildo and soon starts to plow it right into her butthole. Watch the brunette easily gets wet in the process and beg to fuck her more in her ass. You can see and hear her pussy getting soaking wet as you can see her asshole getting turns into a gaping hole.

Amirah Adara gives back to the petite blonde Angel Emily and this time the combination of her tongue and the dildo. Watch Amirah’s talent pleasuring both her clit and her asshole and it doesn’t take long before Angel starts releasing the last orgasm of the day. It was an exhausting toying moment between these two. Finally, they did one on their bucket list and we are curious what and where these two are going to do this naughty thing next?

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Jan 9th, 2021

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