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Honey Demon And Tiffany Rousso Having Some Dildo Fun
Curvy MILF Tiffany Rousso and Honey Demon gets to the business instantly in this girl on girl scene. Right at the beginning, they both teasing us and themselves with sweet kisses and tender touches.
The outfit of both girls are borderline slutty, yet stylish and elegant. For both of them the most important parts of their bodies are obviously pointed out by these dresses. Butts and tits.

After some touching here and there, Honey gets down on Tiffany to give some kisses to her round butt. Tiffany though immediately takes over and starts to lick Honeys pussy through the dress. The fun starts when they remove their tops, and they are rubbing their tits together. Both babes have big fake tits, just crying for some nipple sucks. Such sucklings are rewarded with moans, and shortly Tiffany sits down to give a better angle for Honey to continue the pleasing.

Finally some pussy is visible as well, as Tiffanys dress there slides to the side. Hard, rough licks with some tongue fucking – which is received by Tiffany very well. Her clit gets bigger by the second, and visible her vagina gets also wetter and wetter.

Time fo Tiffany to return the favor, and Honey ends up on the bed full naked. Legs spread wide, giving a good opportunity to penetrate her pussy. This time, still with tongue though, but some fingering is in the air for sure. Honeys clit is smaller than Tiffanys, but still very cute and looks appetizing.

After some mutual hardcore tongue fucking a giant red dildo enters, and immediately ends up in Honeys pussy doggystyle. Tiffany knows her stuff, as she fucks Honey with that dildo very well, like a pro. Upclose and personal view of the dildo going in and out makes you notice how the color of the dildo matches Tiffanys nail color.

Tiffany takes the time to lick off all the juices Honey releases onto that dildo. And with that new lubricant she applied, slipping in and out just become easier.

But Tiffany also deserves some dildo fun. So they switch places, and she receives that same dildo in her vagina being full naked as well. She prefers the missionary pose it seems, and whilst Honey fucks her hard with that giant orange dildo, she tenders her clit with her hands. Based on the moans, that whole setup is just perfect for her! A change in position pushes her butt towards Honey, so she can continue the dildo banging from that angle. They have constant eye contact, and sharing some kisses – just like lovers do.

They finish off by a wonderwand. Tiffany uses the wand in one hand to work Honeys clit, whilst with the other hand she stimulates other parts of that pussy. A real juice bonanza is going on down there…

Orgasm was emminent by Honey, and they exchange some kisses to put the icing on that cake of lovemaking. What a session from these two superstars OMG!

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