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Slapped, Pinned And Railed
Angel Rae Doll has the ditzy sex doll thing down to an art. Like all dolls, they should be fun to play with; we had a really good time with this one. The other trick to being a sex doll come to life that she just nails is the “come to life” bit. It’s one thing to look pretty and and take a dick, but Angel literally lights up in the Bimbo fetish role…
So instead of just using her holes, we also put her vitality to work with the ol’ “disgruntled neighbor” set-up. Pascal and John are filming a review of their latest scenes, when Angel, the upstairs neighbor comes knocking. She’s cross about all the banging and screams coming from the content creators living below her. We’ve been at this a while, and it’s basically a scientific fact that when the neighbor comes to complain in skimpy clothes and fuck-me pumps, it’s not about the noise. The gentlemen proceed to address her concerns, rigorously over the ensuing half hour.

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Sep 7th, 2021

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