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Talulah Thomas is an unashamed “cock hog,” which is great for us blokes, but it’s caused her a bit of drama with the girls. If a man is not properly secured, Talulah is likely to snatch him up and gobble him down. As we get to know her in the interview and leading up to our scene, Talulah definitely fits the profile of a scandalous harlot. She’s got “slut” written all over her, and she is eager to get after it here…

Unfortunately Pascal was under the weather for this particular episode. Yes, pornstars are entitled to sick leave too! Thanks to the fucking quarantine, Pascal has not been able to dine out as he’s used to. So his own cooking apparently did him in, poor bastard. However, we’re not ones to keep a lady waiting, especially on dick, and our trusty cameraman John was more than happy to fill in. He performs the world’s fastest de-pantsing in fact, rocking out with his cock out within seconds of being designated the day’s stuntcock. He did us proud, and gave Talulah all that she needed and more.

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Feb 6th, 2021

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