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Head to the after-party with newcomer Ashlyn Cherè as she makes her thrilling debut. On location of a studio with the photographer, Tina Louise, Ashlyn is dressed in jeweled lingerie and bell-bottom pants as she sits at a drum set. “Honestly, I think what makes me, ‘me’ is my audacity,” says Ashlyn of herself. “My willingness to make people say ‘who does she think she is?’ How unapologetic and bold I am in my womanhood.” For Ashlyn, her work as a model is meant to inspire other women to feel the same. “My ability to make other women feel confident in embracing their sexuality, instead of insecure and ashamed — that’s what makes me, ‘me.'” Ashlyn is creative. “I have passions in so many different areas of life. Reading and learning are definitely my kinks. Fitness, creative arts, modeling, cannabinoid healing, and marketing design all just scratch the surface,” she shares. “Special talents? After enough G & T’s, I might tell you I can sing, and then proceed to serenade you some Amy Winehouse,” she adds with a laugh. Stay tuned on Playboy Plus to learn more about newcomer Ashlyn Cherè.

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Jan 6th, 2022

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