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Dream Destinations
Travel around the world with us in this week’s Editor’s Choice gallery and video, where we highlight some of our favorite pictorials shot around the globe. Head to Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa, and Croatia with Elilith Noir, Evelyn Sommer, Claudia Tihan, Sofi Ka, and Sade Mare. “I have a deep passion for the arts,” mentions International model, Elilith as she takes a dip on set in Thailand. “I started modeling by accident when I was 18. After I received my diploma, it became a full-time job, and I love it with all my heart.” Taking in the beauty of the beach, Elilith has a blast on set as she poses for the photographer, David Merenyi. Next, explore the rainforests of Bali with the Australian model, Evelyn Sommer. Posing between the stunning trees, we get to know Evelyn better. “I grew up in [the] Outback on a sheep and wheat farm,” she smiles. “I had lots of weird and wonderful pets and got to explore all the time.” For Evelyn, who loves travel, modeling is a ticket to the most beautiful places on Earth. “It’s the best job ever and the only job I’ve ever been good at,” she shares. “It has taken me overseas and to amazing places.” Get to know all these remarkable models right here on Playboy Plus.

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Sep 9th, 2021

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