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Hey all, it’s Sophia Sweet here & I’m having a contractor cum over, he’s suppose to be giving me a estimate on my back yard. Now pay attention, cause I’m going to show you how to get stuff done for free Ok so of course Kai Bailey the contractor, started the usual contractor spiel on how this is a really big job, it’s going to take about a week, with his crew, bla, bla, bla! Then he hits me with outrageous number of $15 to $20 grand to get this job done, wtf are you kidding me! That’s way to much, however one thing Kia is right on his figure does include a lot of luxury amenities…
Ok now remember, pay attention, cause this is when I tell Kia I have some luxury amenities myself, at his disposal, that could equal the value of a new back yard. Seems Kia is interested & wants to know what exactly I have in mind see it worked! Watch as I show this overpriced contractor just how valuable my ass, pussy & mouth is! Kai, enough with the talking, I want a new back yard for free!

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Apr 11th, 2021

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