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Eighteen year old Megane Lopez’s parents have left for the weekend, so she calls up her besties to throw a big party! Only one problem: the indoor pool has no water in it. Megane tries to fill the pool herself, but her one-glassful-of-water-at-a-time method doesn’t produce results before she gets too tired to continue. Calling up a repairman, Megane opens to the door to find Yves. Yves tells Megane he can’t help her, so she flirts with him. When she notices Yves’ big boner in his shorts, Megane gets on her knees and gets to work! Megane gives Yves a blowjob, then he picks her up so he can carry fuck her with his big black cock. After some deep penetration and some doggystyle using Megane’s pigtails as handles, Yves absolutely covers the teen with a facial.

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Jan 9th, 2021

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