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Genie Wishes Vol 2 E2
The next afternoon, Donnie (Donnie Rock) once again summons his sexy Genie (La Sirena 69) and makes his second wish; to have sex with a hot, young brunette with big tits. The tantalizing Genie is happy to grant his wish, only this time, after being bottled-up for centuries, she seeks permission to stay and watch the action. Donnie happily agrees and without further ado, an already horny, well endowed brunette (Bella Rolland) appears before him. While Donnie and an eager Bella go-at-it, lust overcomes the watchful Genie. She takes advantage of her front-row-seat and pleasures herself as Donnie and Bella partake in a hot suck and fuck-fest, right before her eyes.

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Oct 11th, 2020

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