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Pretty city girls Luka and Zooey are going out for the night to a fancy party. Luka is getting prudish and doesn’t want Zooey’s hot full boobs just hanging out. Zooey is cheeky and starts to razz Luka even more by showing even more boob and flashing some nip. Zooey just thinks Luka is uptight because she needs a good fuck. Luka dives in head first caressing Zooey’s yummy big hairy nipples. She has never had a hot girl suck her hairy pussy. So Zooey goes for it and fingers her hot and hairy hole and then gets her snatch sucked too. Of course it wouldn’t be a lesbian tryst if there was no thick strap on dildo involved. They have to wrap their hairy legs around their lush bodies to really get that deep hairy penetration till they each have a hairy lesbian orgasm.

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Mar 29th, 2021

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