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The Body Stocking
“I especially like to masturbate after someone cums on me,” Brooklyn Springvalley wrote. That would be a hot and different way to end a XXX scene since nearly all boy-girl porn ends with the guy cumming.

“I really get off on having sex, although sex with my husband gets me off the hardest. I like it many times a week. I haven’t had sex in public but I’ve seen videos of people in public having sex in one-way mirrored boxes. That would be cool.” Hmm… question is, if you’re having sex in public but can’t be seen, is it public?

Brooklyn said she did get it on in a car at a park one midnight some years ago and that could be considered public sex even if no one else is actually watching. In the UK, there’s a fad called “dogging” in which couples fuck or suck in their cars while voyeurs gather around and watch.

In this scene, Brooklyn wears a sexy black body stocking with an open gusset for easy access for toy and finger play, and high heels. It fits her shapely body like a glove.

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Sep 7th, 2021

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