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The sound of a woman in high-heeled shoes walking on a wooden floor can send signals and create a range of associations in the listener. Some social scientists have even studied the subject. Women love loud shoes for a variety of reasons, the researchers wrote. That sound introduces sexy Brooklyn Springvalley in the opening of this video as she walks into the bedroom. Nicky Rebel follows her.

Brooklyn enters the bedroom and turns around to tease Nicky through the bedroom’s glass door. He reaches to fondle Brooklyn’s huge tits and pull down the top of her lingerie. Brooklyn erotically sucks on his forefinger, letting him know what to expect in a few minutes.

Spitting on her bra-busting boobs, Brooklyn kneels on the floor by the bed and wraps her fleshy globes around his dick to tit-fuck him. She sucks and strokes his cock and sucks on his balls. Brooklyn breathlessly deep-throats him to the root and licks his shaft, giving him lots of dick-hardening eye contact. Her erotic sucking…

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Feb 21st, 2021

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