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Wax On Wax Off
Demmy Blaze is looking bustier than ever. Widescreen was invented for the breast-stars of SCORELAND, and what Demmy has fills the screen. She looks spectacular, the perfect Voluptuous Girl.

Demmy picked a fetish mistress outfit for this scene. You may be accustomed to her sweet “good girl” look. This side of Demmy could strike you as a major change of image, especially with that riding crop she’s wielding.

Looking in the mirror, Demmy touches up her pretty lips, then writes on the mirror with her lipstick, “I *heart* SCORELAND.” We love Demmy too.

Later in this scene, totally naked Demmy takes a lighter and melts a can of wax. She lets it drip all over her massive natural boobs and peels it off. Melting some more wax, Demmy drips it right above her pussy.

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Sep 9th, 2021

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