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Slim And Sexy
Estelle Taylor is always very sensual and erotic. She is very graceful and gentle in her flowing, delicate moves. Estelle seemingly glides from the kitchen counter to the floor to standing up, and the entire sequence looks like one continuous interpretative dance performance. Estelle’s long legs complete this dance-like effect. Her moves are smooth and polished no matter what angles she is seen from. At the same time, her body language is erotic and arousing.
Estelle was referred to us by a makeup artist who told us, “I grew up with a girl who had the biggest boobs in school. She was a ballerina, and when she changed into her dancing tights, all of the other girls stared. They couldn’t believe how big her boobs were.” She was able to contact Estelle, and after Estelle asked her some questions about the SCORE team, she readily agreed to meet.

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May 30th, 2021

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