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Makes It Hard
Busty dreams can come true. It’s all up to you when your balls turn blue. What good is a swanky pad overlooking the Magic City if there’s no hot and horny babe to spend quality time with? It’s high-rise heat when Nicky Rebel phones for a sexy girl with really big tits and a big booty. He needs a girl who gives all of herself.

Supergirl and all-around traffic-stopper Holly Wood comes to his sexual rescue, her massive breasts threatening to rip apart her sheer, flimsy top like a towering tidal wave of tantalizing tits busting through a dam.

Nicky doesn’t know where to bury his face first. Inside Holly’s cleavage or between her hot ass cheeks. Top shelf or bottom shelf. Decisions, decisions. He has his hands more than full holding and kneading her huge hooters. After clamping a lip-lock on Holly’s boobs, she clamps a lip-lock on his dick and squeezes it between her breasts for a tit-fuck fit for a king. They sixty-nine before they begin the main event.

When we met Holly, she was a

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Apr 11th, 2021

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