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Kamille’s Pool Party
In Spanish, the word “amora” means a female lover. Which is fitting for 36I-cup babe Kamille Amora. A girl with her looks and body makes the perfect lover. We get our first peek at Kamille through some bushes and she moves closer to the camera to give us a better view. Always proud of her assets, she begins to tease and rub on her I-cup naturals before finally pulling them out of her top.

This set is as intimate as any we’ve ever shot. You can hear the wind rustling through the leaves as Kamille cutely bounces her tits and rubs on her nips. There’s a running water hose nearby, which Kamille picks up to pour cold water all over her tits. Her nipples stiffen, and though she’s cooling off, we’re feeling the heat.

Eventually, Kamille makes her way inside. Her panties are off now and she’s stroking her pussy.

“Do you like that?” she asks. “It feels so good.”

Yep, we do. Kamille makes herself comfortable, lies down on the ground and strokes her clit some more. Her moans are growing…

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Sep 26th, 2020

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