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Kim Velez Knows What Guys Like
Kim Velez is looking sensational, but Kim always looks sensational. She knows what guys love to see. She knows what guys love to watch her do on-camera. Kim’s tits are bigger and heavier now since her SCORELAND debut. The booty twerking and tit shaking in this scene are beyond incredible. Imagine those melons bouncing and swinging in your face. You’d be so boob drunk your head would spin. SCORELAND: So, Kim, would you date someone much older than you? Kim: Yes, it’s definitely a possibility. SCORELAND: Do you have funny habits? Kim: No, nothing I can think of. SCORELAND: What superpower would you like to have for a day? Kim: Invisibility, so I don’t have to wear clothes and feel ashamed to be naked. SCORELAND: Never be ashamed to be naked, Kim. Read More »

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Jan 9th, 2021

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