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Lilly Bordeaux: Toned, Tight, Topheavy
We don’t see many big-boobed girls working out wearing sky-high heels. Lilly Bordeaux aims to correct that. The funniest pick-up line a guy ever tried on this mature hottie was “Nice shoes, wanna fuck?” Not the most original introduction in the playbook. Lilly doesn’t get to actually go on a treadmill or lift any weights except her jiggling, bouncy tits. She’s too preoccupied with trying on sexy fitness tops too small for her chest and fingering her shaved pussy while she lies on a workout bench. Looking at her slim and toned legs, arms and tummy, it’s obvious that Lilly spends a lot of time doing fitness routines on a daily basis. She likes competitive fitness contests and gymnastics. What she really wants to try is skydiving. Maybe one day she’ll want to try a few hardcore scenes or a tit-fucking video at SCORELAND. Only time will tell. Read More »

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Sep 7th, 2020

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