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When it comes to busty Czech porn stars, Martina gets high marks for her sheer heat and giving more than 100% in her fuck videos. Her big, all-natural tits bounce like crazy when she’s on top fucking her partner (or partners) of the day.
Martina’s passion shows on-screen, a totally physical, high-energy, raw passion of the porn kind. She’s like that in all three of her scenes at SCORELAND. No time for small talk or acting with Martina. She’s there to get her sex on. When she gives guys a blow job, she’s a head bobber, often resting her boobs on their thighs as she sucks them hard, deep and fast.
As she did in her previous videos, Martina begins by rubbing her tits and pussy while her partner watches, off to the side, taking in the show and waiting to step in and give her a bare hug. She licks her nipples and fingers her pussy with a salacious expression. Martina opens Forjan’s jeans and his cock pops out like jack-in-the-box. That makes her smile and her flicking tongue gets busy.…

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May 17th, 2021

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