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Paige Turner’s Student Body
What is the textbook definition of an excellent college coed? In our textbook, she’s Paige Turner. She even dresses the part. Paige is trying to start an assignment when two guys walk in on her. It’s not clear if they’re proctors, tutors, dorm monitors or just saw Paige through the window and decided to check out her fuckin’ phenomenal rack. Peter and Jim give Paige a hard time before they give her an even harder time. They feel she’s not serious. To prove them wrong, Paige stacks apples in her cleavage. Let’s see if these bozos can do that. Paige feels that she needs a break from her assignment before she even begins so she stands up and gets undressed right in front of them. The protractors in their pants swing up at the sight of her naked big tits and voluptuous body. Paige’s nipples always seem to be in a state of perpetual erection also. A guy could suck on those nips all night and all day. The boys see they have a live wire on their hands and figure some fuck time will… Read More »

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Oct 11th, 2020

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