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High-rise Heat
JR calls for some afternoon delight at his high-rise apartment. He gets the best in the body of Rachel Love, a girl who fits the expression, “living fuck-toy.” She loves what a big dick can do for her and JR is overjoyed to stick it deep into the tiny, big-boobed blonde when she shows up. She brings out the beast. “Here at SCORE, you seem to find guys with monster cocks,” Rachel once said while shooting here. “He was in the massive department. It only took a few pumps before my head was rattled and I knew I was drunk. You know you’re headed for trouble, and you’re gonna be dick drunk, so you’re gonna be stupid for the rest of the day. I’m wondering if my pussy can take more. And then she does, but it takes a little time to work up to it. The most comfortable position for that is reverse. “I pick and choose different shoots that I want to do and certain companies that I like working for, and for some reason, you guys always have big fuckers. I don’t know what the deal is with SCORE.… Read More »

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Nov 7th, 2020

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