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A Day On The Bay With Selena Adams
“I love it,” Selena Adams says as she gazes at the waters of Biscayne Bay from the deck of a boat. “I love this.” We love this, too. Selena lifts up her top and turns to the camera. She sees other boaters. “I just love the idea of them watching me, looking through binoculars, jerking off their cocks. I love it.” Sunlight is the best kind of lighting, depending on the time of day. It makes a girl’s tits look their best, adding depth, contouring and shadowing. On a boat, the light reflecting off the water is another source of body shaping. Selena takes off her shorts, then pull down her tiny thong bikini bottom without taking it off. Her bod is a work of art. On her hands and knees, Selena twerks her ass cheeks in her own personal system of butt semaphore to message any other boaters nearby. It’s enough to melt a guy’s binoculars. Selena kisses and licks her sweet nipples, rubs her pussy, bounces her big tits and keeps her twerk party going. A day on the bay with Selena Adams is an… Read More »

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Oct 11th, 2020

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