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The Wet Tee And Tits Show
It’s still a miracle that the water didn’t turn into steam in the video portion of Venera’s shower show. This living Venus came along at the right time to become one of the Top 20 of All Time SCORE Girls as voted by readers and members.

“I like to be on top when I have sex because then the man has a chance to play with my boobs a lot. When he’s playing with them, I like it when my nipples are sucked. Sometimes I like it when he’s biting them. Soft. Just a little nibble so I can feel it. He is facing me and I like to slap his face with my breasts. Make him red. I love to do that! The best position for me to cum is on top. That’s how I get my orgasms. He is fucking me and sucking or biting my nipples. That’s how I cum.”

And that’s how Venera rolls.

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May 17th, 2021

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