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Being a maid can get boring. When the maid is a hot-blooded woman, it’s even more boring to feather-dust furniture all afternoon. So when Vicky Soleil is cleaning house for two guys, the Voluptuous brunette decides to draw their attention with her big boobs. She has no problem doing that. Work is suspended for the afternoon so this threesome can have a sex party. Tom makes the first move on Vicky, feeling up her tits, then taking them out of her French maid costume to suck on. Enzo joins in quickly and takes on Vicky’s other nipple. Now she’s got two studs sucking on her nipples. Getting her to drop her duster and sit on the couch, Enzo two-fingers Vicky’s increasingly wet pussy while Vicky jacks Tom. As Enzo tickles Vicky’s clit and thick pussy lips, Vicky blows and jacks Tom. Vicky gets up and turns to Enzo. He needs a little lip service too. While Vicky fills her hungry mouth with Enzo’s horn, Tom pulls down Vicky’s white thong panties and, with his pants still on, shoves his… Read More »

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Aug 21st, 2020

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