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No One Enjoys Gagging On Cock More Than Winter Rae
No one enjoys gagging on cock more than Winter Rae, a living, breathing, walking sex doll. Sucking, licking, kissing, slurping, throat-fucking and in general mouth-worshiping the dick is one of her favorite things in the world. Wow! Winter loves to gargle with nut-sauce freshly squirted into her mouth. And what a dirty talker! She should teach a course in horny talk. SCORELAND: What’s been your kinkiest sexual encounter so far? Winter: Having sex on the beach under the blankets by a bonfire that was next to one hundred other people who were having bonfires. It was spontaneous and super-hot knowing we could get caught at any minute. SCORELAND: Have you ever had a sexual encounter with another girl? Winter: I dated a girl for several months when I was 18. We had tons of sex. She was more assertive and would always go down on me. SCORELAND: Have you ever had sex in public? Winter: Yes, multiple times, too many different times to count. In cars, bathrooms, on the beach and, my… Read More »

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Oct 11th, 2020

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