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The Double Vaginal Rimmipede Scene
Do we have a treat for you today! No, it’s not another “double debut” but instead it’s our 1st ever “double vaginal”! (that and we just submitted the word “rimmipede” to lol) This week we brought back THREE of your favorite performers: Air Thugger, James Angel, and Sidra Sage, for the 2nd ever BBG scene here at See HIM Fuck. And just like we did for Sidra’s last scene (with the one & only Filthy Rich) we’re not gonna annoy you with the usual emoji-filled play-by-play description because this one is also THAT GOOD!…
We will say this: you’re gonna see Air Thugger and James manhandle Sidra, but rest assured that she LOVED every minute of it! Plus, there’s basically 2x’s the amount of everything you’ve come to know (and hopefully love) about our scenes: the armpit sniffing and licking, the toe sucking and sole licking, the ass-eating (including some ass probing), the amazon fucking, and of course, the cumshots. Until next time: PLEASE! STAY SAFE!

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May 30th, 2021

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