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Stunning brunette Emily J sits at her desk, drawing explicit pictures, as maverick director Paul Black’s erotic movie “Random” begins. She spins a bottle so that it selects one of her sketches, then emulates the position, going heels above head on the bed. Drizzling lube over her hairy pussy, she strokes and squeezes her clit, licking her fingers experimentally. Another spin selects a pen for a makeshift dildo and again she obeys, spreading her stockinged thighs over the arms of her chair and flexing her pussy muscles to make the pen dance. She thrusts it deeper with her fingers and stirs it around slowly. The next spin lands on a picture of cowgirl-style sex and she chooses a bedknob for the job, lubing it lavishly and grinding her pussy over it stickily. Next comes squirting, and she licks her beautiful breasts as she uses the pen to fuck herself until she’s gasping and trembling. Slapping her clit and jamming her fingers into her pussy frantically, she gushes out her orgasm all over her own face.

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Channel - MetArt
Oct 11th, 2020

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