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Don’t Light The Fireplace Or You’ll Get Stuck!
It was a quiet evening – Leenne Lace was sitting in front of a lit fireplace, re-reading one of her favorite novels. What could possibly go wrong on such a happy night? The fireplace went out, that’s what. Leenne had to put aside the book before trying to reignite the fire. She jammed her arm into the narrow opening to check if the air vents were closed… and was unable to pull it out. The arm was stuck hopelessly and Leenne found herself in a bit of a pickle. She really had no idea what to do! – Someone, please, help me! – She shouted in hopes of being heard by one of the family members. Some time passes and her husband walks into the room. He was surprised to find Leenne in such a helpless position, so that got him all giggly. – Babe, I was waiting for you in bed! Tell you what, I’ll help you out, but you have to blow me first! – He said with a smirk before pulling out his cock…

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Feb 16th, 2021

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