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Don’t Touch The Glue Or You’ll Get Stuck!
Tiny Tyna knew exactly what she wanted to do with her free time: she wanted to clean up her place. The living room was always the messiest one, so it had to be the last. After seeing a heap of garbage underneath the coffee table, Tiny Tyna was rendered speechless. She reached over to clean up the mess, only to find herself stuck – her hand was now glued! – Hey, Jack, come over here for a second! – She called her boyfriend. A big, burly guy enters the room. He shoots a glance at his helpless girlfriend before cracking a smile. – Did you really spill the goddamn glue? – Tyna asked with a hint of malice in her voice. Jack didn’t even hear her – his eyes were glued to that juicy booty of hers. He kneeled behind her, raised her skirt, grabbed his throbbing member…

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Channel - Stuck4K
Feb 16th, 2021

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