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Restrictive Ways 2
Kinky brunette submissive Adelyn is led into a stark, whitewashed dungeon room by a mysterious Domme. She is dressed in a peekaboo cage bra, tiny sheer thong, spike-heeled pumps, and leather pussycat mask. Next, she is forced to crouch doggy-style on a wooden counter, and a chain leash is attached to her spiked leather collar. A riding crop is stroked over her curves.

As Adelyn squirms, her Mistress spanks her pale skin and pulls aside her panties to bare her tight asshole and shaved pussy. The submissive moans as each blow lands and her punished butt glows pink. She rolls over on her back, perfect breasts and stiff pink nipples visible through the criss-cross straps of her bra. Then her ankles are bound and her panties are pulled down around them.

More strokes land on Adelyn’s crotch and splayed thighs, gentle and teasing this time. The crop handle is fed into her mouth and she sucks on it ecstatically. Handed the crop, she pushes the spit-wet end into her snatch and plows it in and out, moaning with pleasure. Her Domme continues to play, pulling her hair and alternately caressing and slapping her with manicured hands.

Next, Adelyn’s ankles are rebound to raise her feet off of the table, and Mistress takes over masturbating her with the crop, clawing the girl’s thighs as she pumps it in and out rhythmically. Adelyn writhes, but there is no mercy and no escape from the probing shaft. However, even when Mistress allows her to resume control, she bangs herself even harder and deeper, her cries becoming more urgent.

Soon, she is on the brink of orgasm as the tattooed Domme continues their twisted game. Adelyn cums, then leaves the crop inside of her pussy as she rubs her clit. Finally, it slips out on the counter as she relishes the afterglow, lost in a state

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Aug 30th, 2020

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