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Big Pink 2
Sexy red-haired Cherr, a heavily tattooed alternative chick with facial piercings, arrives at a fitness studio. She’s casually dressed in a sweatshirt and sneakers with shorts over her yoga pants. Before going in, she stops to hydrate and spills water on herself. Acting on impulse, she pours more into her cupped palm, then watches it trickle and drip through her fingers. Mesmerized, she heads home. In her bathroom, she sits in the tub, now wearing a corset-minidress and fishnet stockings. She is sucking on Big Pink, her huge jelly dildo. She feeds it into her mouth, lips stretching tight around the girth as drool runs down her chin. Then, as she crams it in deeper, she gags. Pausing for breath, she licks and sucks it less intensely. Next, she sticks the sucker-base to the wall at head height, and blows the mock-cock standing up. Playfully, she bats it with her hand, so it judders. She jacks it for a few strokes, then sucks hands-free, head bobbing, with her arms clasped behind her back as if pinned there by a dominant lover. Standing in a corner with her skirt hiked up, Cherr fingers her trimmed pussy so it’s wet enough to take the enormous toy. She needs both hands to steady the shaft as she eases it in, and lets out a loud moan as it opens her up. Soon, she is pounding it fast and deep, then she bends forward to plow herself from the rear, with the solid balls banging against her pussy lips. Suddenly unsteady, she leans back into the corner, knees bent – she humps against the toy, then drops it. Already on the brink of cumming she frigs herself, then orgasms, hips bucking, as she gasps and squeals with pleasure. She slumps down in the tub and retrieves Big Pink, then – realizing she’s totally spent – tosses it aside again and enjoys the afterglow…

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Channel - MetArt
Jan 6th, 2022

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