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Alone And Lonely 2
Sexy Dido, a stunning babe with waist-length blonde hair and sparkling, deep brown eyes, walks into her kitchen after a night out. She is wearing a red suede motorcycle jacket, black leather top and hotpants over a mesh bodystocking, and high spike heels. Phone messages confirm she is unhappy about coming home alone. Wistfully, she gazes at a condom she had hoped to use – then inspiration strikes.

She takes a huge, black, real-look dildo from a nearby drawer, slams the suction base down on the counter, then jacks and blows it voraciously. She drools on it and smears it with red lipstick as she crams it deep in her mouth. Next, she rolls the condom on it, then strips down to her bodystocking. The string top accentuates her perfect breasts, stiff nipples escaping from between the strands.

The bottom half has cutaways for a stockings-and-garters effect, and she strips off her tiny leather thong to bare her moist, shaved pussy. Sitting on a chair she begins to masturbate, then gets totally naked. With cute bare feet drawn up and pedicured toes pointed, she frigs her pink and rubs it with her bodystocking, then feeds some of the fabric inside. She works it against her clit, then yanks it free as she orgasms, gasping and moaning with pleasure.

This, however, is just a prelude – squatting down, she sticks the sheathed dildo to the floor, then rubs her crotch against it. Next, she guides the huge shaft inside of her, moaning immediately as it stretches and stuffs her cum-sensitized pussy. She rides it frenziedly, then spins around to take it reverse cowgirl, squirming her stunning ass as she bucks and grinds.

After a pause to taste her juices off of the dildo, she sprawls back and spanks it against her slit before reinserting it. Using her feet to hold it inside of her, she strums her clit with her fingers until she cums, hard and loud. Her body twitches as she wrings out every last drop of pleasure, then she relaxes, sucking on the toy. She may have come home alone but she won’t go to sleep unsatisfied…

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Aug 21st, 2020

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