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Orgasm Secrets 2
Dressed in a sexy black-lace teddy, horny blonde Kata is reading a book titled “Better Orgasm Secret” – only to be interrupted by the arrival of her Dominant lesbian lover, Kiere. The kinky brunette is wearing a white nurse costume that clings to her curves. Taking charge, Kiere sets the book aside

She begins her “diagnosis”, moving a stethoscope over her girlfriend’s perfect breasts and down to her crotch. With gloved hands, she exposes and caresses Kata’s rack as the two share a tender tongue-kiss. Then she pops open the blonde’s teddy-crotch and grinds her fingers and the stethoscope against her shaved pussy.

Next, Kata is made to kneel on her easy chair and stripped naked with her stunning ass to the camera. Her hands are pinned behind her back, wrists bound together with the stethoscope tubing. Kiere retrieves the book and uses it to spank Kata’s ass cheeks hard, all the while fingering her pussy – and the submissive moans in pleasure-pain.

Kiere strips down to a tiny thong, flaunting her large breasts. Then she goes down on Kata, tonguing her pink. She gets naked and kneels back, resting her head on the chair as Kata straddles her face, then frigging her own snatch as she eats pussy. With Kata sitting in the chair again, the duo makes out, tits bouncing and grinding together as Kiere takes her closer to orgasm.

Finally, Kiere sits with Kata sprawling on her knee, and reaches down to plow her submissive deep and hard. Her fingers – wet to the knuckle – work their magic and the blonde cums explosively. They share a lingering, affectionate kiss, then Kiere stands up to leave, suddenly cold and stern. She shoves Kata down into the chair, tosses the book in her lap, then walks away. The blonde struggles to free her bound wrists and pleads for help, but her lover is already gone…

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Nov 24th, 2021

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