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Tattooed and pierced brunette Kourtney L has an insatiable thirst for education – of the adult variety. She is dressed for kink in a sexy schoolteacher costume, worn over a fishnet teddy with attached stockings and garters. Her micro-miniskirt shows off her rounded ass while a collar and necktie draw attention to her perfect breasts. She adjusts her glasses, tongues her metal pointer, then lies back on her bed. She plays the ball-tip of the pointer over her stiff nipples, with her other hand caressing her fully, perky globes. Next, she grinds the slender shaft against the sheer thong-crotch of her teddy, then pulls it aside to expose her shaved pussy. Humping her ass and hips up to meet the rod, she inserts it in her wet hole – but it’s not the only toy she has to play with. She takes a pair of scarlet nipple clamps on a metallic-red chain and attaches them to her erect nubs, moaning as they grip and pinch her sensitive flesh. As she screws her snatch with the pointer, she tugs on the chain, to enhance the sensations shooting through every nerve. Her face is already a picture of ecstasy as she takes the links between her teeth, freeing her hand to tease her tits and slit. Crouching doggy-style on the sheets, she uses her manicured fingers to frig herself hard and fast. Her garter-straps stretch tight as she squirms her sexy ass, and her moans get louder as she nears orgasm. Then, on her back once more, she bangs herself with the pointer, while pulling her nipples to full stretch. Lost in a horny trance, she teeters on the brink of climax, then gives in to it fully, whimpering as she cums hard. However, she keeps pounding her pussy and pulling hard on the chain, prolonging her pleasure, with no sign of a recess as the movie ends…

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Channel - MetArt
Jan 6th, 2022

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