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Hot brunette Lina enters a hallway – she’s dressed in striped garter pantyhose and a cutaway PVC teddy with a thong crotch, and her long hair is styled in a space buns updo. As she opens a door, she sees something hanging from it – a pair of nipple clamps connected by a chain. She takes a closer look, already imagining the kinky fun she can have. Lina unzips one of her breast-cups to expose a stiff nipple. She tests a clamp on it, then pulls the thong aside to caress her shaved pussy with manicured fingers. Almost immediately she squats down, thighs splayed wide, then attaches a clamp to one of her large labia. She rubs her clit with spit-wet fingers, while tugging gently on the chain. She teases both nipples with the second clamp, then clips it on her other pussy lip. She extends her long legs, pointing her toes, and pulls on the looped chain while reaming her slit. Her snatch oozes foamy juices and she sinks a couple fingers in, knuckle-deep. Soon, she is on the brink of cumming – she moans and grits her teeth, flashing cute braces. Stretching her folds wide open, she grinds one fingertip against her clit, then slips it in her snatch. Then she kneels on all fours to pleasure herself doggy-style. Her tight asshole peeks out from beneath her thong, and the chain rattles as she reams herself from the rear. Then, on her back with one leg raised, she plows herself again, squirming on the wood floor and contorting her gorgeous body. At last, her orgasm jolts her entire body, until she’s trembling and sobbing with relief. The camera moves in for a close-up as she grips the chain like a pair of reins, treating her tender pussy to one final tease before standing up and removing the clamps. She returns them to where she found them, then enters the room beyond…

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Channel - MetArt
Nov 25th, 2021

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