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Horny tattooed brunette Paula T is at her kitchen table, caressing a paper towel holder – an erect, brushed-steel rod with a rounded knob on top. As she strokes it, palm over palm, a fantasy is unleashed. This sees her wearing a kinky red PVC dress, large-mesh fishnet pantyhose and high black platform shoes, as she kneels on her kitchen table.

She tosses the roll of towels so she can jack the entire shaft, then she wraps her mouth around the end, sucking on it like it’s a hard cock. Her dress is low-cut and short, cradling her tan-lined, perfect breasts and riding up to expose her shaved pussy. She begins to masturbate, then frees her stiff, pale-brown nipples so she can tease them with the smooth knob.

Paula raises herself up to squat over the rod, rubbing it with one hand as the other works on her snatch. Then she inserts it through the mesh and inside of her, splaying her lips as she grinds up and down on it. As she rises, we see the metal is streaked with her creamy juices.

Moaning, she switches position, kneeling on all fours to take the rod doggy-style. She thrusts it in deep and churns it around, fist grasped tightly around the girth as she plows herself towards orgasm.

Finally, she lies back, pounding her pussy with her improvised dildo. Her tits heave and quiver, her moans and sighs become screams, and her face is a picture of pure pleasure as she screws herself to a climax. Her knees press tight together, holding the rod inside as she relishes her orgasm. Then she withdraws it and inhales her own sexy scent before licking her cum off of it…


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Sep 7th, 2020

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