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Oil And Glass 2
Sexy Polina – a cute babe with long, plum-colored hair worn in a sassy ponytail – is lying naked on a padded, faux-leather massage table. She is alone and slathering her own beautiful body with oil, caressing her small, perfect breasts with slick hands. She splays her thighs to expose her shaved pussy, then drizzles it with oil and begins to stroke it.

As her fingers knead and rub her folds, pressing her puffy lips tight around her clit, she becomes increasingly horny – and grabs the closest toy to hand. It’s an elegant green glass chili pepper that feels as good as it looks, as Polina runs the smooth, rounded glass tip over her lips and around her erect nipples. She skims it along her wet slit then sucks on it, tasting her juices.

Soon, however, she is unable to keep it away from her pussy. She slides it in, and the deeper she thrusts it, the wider the tapered shaft opens her up. Soon she is lying on her side, one leg raised as she plows herself rhythmically with the dildo, churning the oil and her plentiful juices into a creamy mess.

Next, she kneels on the massage table doggy-style, head bowed with her ponytail bobbing as she reaches between her thighs to pound herself even harder. Her asshole is on show, tight and tempting, but right now, all her focus is on her pussy. On her back once again, she continues to frig her snatch, body squirming and arching as she fingers her clit.

Gasping, sighing and moaning, she bucks on the table, lost in relentless, orgasmic self-pleasure – as the picture fades to black she is still relishing cum after cum, with no sign of stopping…

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Sep 11th, 2020

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