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Magical Lipstick 2
Sizzling-hot brunette Sascha has a lust for lipstick – we find her expertly applying a bright-red shade to her pout. Tall and slender, she is wearing a flouncy corset-dress decorated with lace and ribbons, teamed with sassy white knee-socks. After one final check in her mirror, she replaces the cap on the lipstick tube – then removes it again. She’s not done having fun with her makeup just yet… With elegant manicured fingers, Sascha twists the scarlet lipstick bullet up and down. Then she lowers her dress to expose one perfect breast. She traces a broad red line around her puffy nipple, then teases the erect nub. Enthralled, she continues to color her skin, giving her other nipple the same treatment before drawing more lines over her tits. Next, she flips up her skirt and slides her hand inside of her pristine white panties – she masturbates, long nails raking against the cotton crotch. Then she removes them, and settles back for more fun with the lipstick. Knees bent and feet raised, she alternates between rubbing her clit and lips and drawing red lines, homing in on her slit until almost every inch is smeared with the bright-red makeup. Her fingers probe inside, adding her sticky juices to the hot mess. Then she kneels on the chair doggy-style, flaunting her tanlined ass and moaning as her orgasm builds. Her hands a trembling blur, Sascha whimpers with pleasure as she spreads her butterfly lips, shading them with the lipstick before inserting it like a dildo. Finally, she balances a foot on each arm of the chair, butt raised high above the cushioned seat as she lets the lipstick drop and fingers herself to a creamy climax. Only now does she stow the lipstick carefully in its case, so she can taste herself when she reapplies it…

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Channel - MetArt
Jan 6th, 2022

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