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Pump My Puffies # 2
Sexy Sienna, a cute red-haired girl-next-door, enters a bedroom. In a playful mood, she admires herself in front of the vanity mirror, then unbuttons her plaid shirt to reveal pert braless breasts and incredible puffy pink nipples. She grabs and kneads them – then, with a look of horny mischief on her face, she opens a drawer. Inside is a vacuum pump with a round cup that she fits over one breast.

Immediately, she begins to squeeze the suction bulb. As she watches, her pale, soft flesh swells and expands into the space, while her nipple becomes even larger. She gives her other breast the same treatment, biting on her lip in ecstasy as she strips off her jeans. Sitting on her nightstand, thighs splayed, she teases her slit with her silky, coral-pink thong, then removes it to bare her shaved pussy…

Now naked, she allows her fingers to stray then retrieves a second pump, shaped to fit over her crotch. Again, she squeezes hard, sucking her pussy lips into the transparent cup where they become engorged and turn deep pink. Next, she double-pumps her snatch and one breast simultaneously before pulling the crotch-cup free. Her pussy remains in its tender, swollen state, already dripping with creamy juices, and she begins to masturbate it.

She plays with both pumps a little more, then bends over the vanity, gazing at herself in the mirror as her fingers circle and rub her clit. Again she pumps her pussy, applying even more pressure this time, before lying back on the bed, thighs wide apart. She sinks her middle finger deep inside of her oozing snatch and grinds and spanks her palm against her sensitive nub.

Sienna moans and whimpers as her orgasm builds, then suddenly cums hard, her swollen tits quivering as pure pleasure shudders through her. Finally, the pumps are stashed away but it’s unlikely they’ll stay in the drawer for too long…

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Feb 13th, 2021

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