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Rehearsal Room 2
Sexy Hispanic babe Solange is sitting on a padded seat in a bare room, playing her cello. She is wearing a skimpy black thong, black blindfold and elegant silver earrings. Her long, black hair is caught up in a cute high ponytail. As she draws the bow across the strings, the notes echo through the curved wooden body of the instrument, sending vibrations into her small, perfect breasts and crotch.

Next, she takes her bow and plays it over her tits, gasping as she saws it against her nipples and traps them in the narrow gap between the wooden shaft and the strings. She works it against her belly, then gently lays down the cello so she can tease her crotch. Her manicured fingers caress her globes as she grinds the metal tip against her slit through her sheer underwear.

She sniffs and licks the bow and drapes the blindfold around her neck – then, after a little more teasing, she pulls her panty crotch aside to expose her pussy. She splays her dark butterfly lips to reveal the vivid pale pink between them, then probes inside with her bow. Raising her bare feet in the air to open herself up even wider, she pumps her slurping-wet snatch.

Kneeling on her seat, she pulls the thong-back sideways to flaunt her tight asshole as she reams herself from behind with the bow. As she bends forward, the camera moves in for a sharp close-up and she squirms her ass and moans as she approaches orgasm.

Solange lounges back on her seat then sucks on the juice-drenched bow as her fingers plow her pussy. Briefly, she switches back to the bow, grinding it in circles on her clit – however, it is her fingertips that ease her over the brink as she cums, whimpering with pleasure. Satisfied, she lifts the cello again, grasping it between her splayed thighs and playing as the picture fades…

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Channel - MetArt
Aug 22nd, 2020

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