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Breast Stimulation 2
Kinky Czech brunette Stacy Cruz is sitting on her staircase, handcuffed to the rail. Her look is glamorously sexy – a cutaway black minidress, stocking-print pantyhose and silver stripper heels, worn with rhinestone earrings, red lipstick and her long hair loose. As she fights to free herself, her anonymous Master tosses her the key. Released, she rubs her wrist and gleefully obeys his next order.

He points at a breast stimulator, next to her on the stairs. Stacy stands up, flaunting her athletic curves and long legs. Then she puts on even more of a show – she spins around and raises her skirt to display her toned ass and a neatly trimmed pussy, tantalizingly hidden by the crotch of her pantyhose. Slowly, she strips to reveal her perfect breasts…

Sitting down once more, she places the twin cups of the stimulator on her rack, positioning the small but powerful vibrators on her nipples. Immediately she hits the controls, her face is a picture of lust, crimson lips parted and eyes rolling, and she presses the buzzing vibes even harder against her nubs. It’s almost too intense – she sets the toy aside, then slowly peels her pantyhose down to her knees.

She grabs her ass, bending forward and splaying her cheeks to expose her snatch to the camera and her questing fingers. She tastes her juices, then sits, thighs wide apart, and begins to masturbate. Her polished fingertips circle her clit and dip inside of her pussy to churn her cream as she sighs with pleasure.

Stacy needs a little more to tip her over the edge and holds a vibrating cup against one breast with one hand. The other rhythmically rubs and pounds her crotch to an intense orgasm, accompanied by sobs and gasps, then one long, slow moan. Spent, she casts one final, smoldering look at the camera…

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Sep 7th, 2021

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